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Tips & Tricks For Flawless Nails

Indicative of a girl’s style and personality, today’s nail trends are defined by creativity, ingenuity and uniqueness. Experimenting with nail art and looking for some cool tips, tricks and techniques? Look no more. We’ve got you covered!


Use Tape For Precise Lines, Stripes & Grid Patterns.

Creating checkered prints, crisp lines and stripes is easy when you use tape. That’s right; tape!Simply cut small strips of tape, arrange them on your nail and then paint away without worrying about painting outside the lines. When done, remove the tape to reveal perfect lines.

Use a Small Sponge to Create a Watercolor Effect.

If you’re trying to create a trendy ombre or rainbow watercolor effect, grab yourself a soft sponge (cut off a piece if it’s too big) and then blot. This nail art technique adds texture and smooths out clash points.

Map Out & Connect the Dots To Keep Things Clean.

Want to draw zigzags, chevron patterns and other prints but don’t have a steady hand? No worries. All you need to do is create the outline using small dots and then connect them with a polish pen. Doing so ensures your lines are straight, even and consistent. The end of bobby pins make the perfect sized dots, which is why nail art pros swear by them.


Hole Punches Are a DIY Nail Artist’s Best Friends.

Painting on cool shapes couldn’t be easier! All you need is some tape and a whole punch shaped like whatever it is you’re wanting to paint. Punch a hole through the tape, adhere the strip to your nail and then paint on polish. The shape will come out FLAWLESS.

Everyone will want to know what nail salon you went to but they won’t know your secrets. Use these tips, tricks and techniques to express yourself through nail art.


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