Spring Beauty Trends

The birds are chirping and gardens are in full bloom, which can only mean one thing. Spring is finally here! And with the changing of the season, new beauty trends are popping up. Check out 5 of our favorite spring 2018 beauty trends to make sure your look keeps up with the times.

As with all other trends, there is no right or wrong way to pull off spring 2018 beauty trends. Incorporate some or all of the tips, trends and ideas above into your beautifying regimen to keep your seasonal look perfectly current.

hair ties

1.Scrunchies & Fabric Hair Ties.

90's Are Back!

The 90’s are back, baby! Beloved by long haired and short haired beauties because they hold back tresses without pulling, snagging or yanking, scrunchies and soft fabric hair ties are making a comeback.

2.Glittery Face Adornments.

Grunge glam and disco fever are heating things up this spring. To give your look a futuristic finish that embodies the soul of the spring season, opt for sparkly face jewelry and glitter cosmetics that pop.

face glitter
blue eyes

3.Throwback Blue Eyeshadow.

Believe it or not, blue eyeshadow has been resurrected from where it once was buried long ago during the 80’s. However, this season’s blue eyeshadow trend is visually enigmatic, highly pigmented and more modern than ever before.

4.Extra Bold Eyeliner.

Liner-free lids are totally last year! This spring it’s all about going BIG and getting BOLD. Instead of lining your lids with a thin swatch of liner, go bigger and bolder by making your lines thicker, wider and more dramatic.

eye liner

5.Dewy Skin.

Since spring is the season of renewal and rejuvenation, now’s the time to show off your skin’s natural glow. Matte finishes may have been popular during the winter, but dewy finishes are all the rage these days. Get the look by spritzing the face with a hydrating mist that locks in moisture and sets your makeup.

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