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Minimalist Hairstyle

Don’t got time to waste in front of the mirror? Looking for easy ways to style your hair when in a hurry? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, do yourself a favor. Check out these fab 4 minimal effort, fuss-free hairstyle ideas.


Go Back to Bun Basics.

Let’s get down to the styling basics. Tried and tested by women with all types of hair textures, the bun is the simplest and easiest hairstyle to sport when short on time. You can go for a messy bun if dressing for casual comfort or polish things up with a slicked effect if dressing for fancy occasions, events and such.

Slicked Back Wet Look.

Headed out with the girls for a night on the town or getting ready for date night without much time to spare? This minimalist hairstyle involves slicking back the front “crown” to smooth frizzies. Sexy and super easy, it’s a hairstyle you can create in just seconds using a comb, some gel and a spritz of hairspray.

Down Low Tuck & Roll.

Ponytails are easy but they’re also boring. Instead of rocking a simple pony, try the tuck and roll ponytail. All you have to do is gather your hair at the base of your neck, tie it up and then roll the ends under to create a smooth bump.


Side Braids Ponytail.

Another quick and easy ponytail alternative incorporates side braids. Simply braid the sides near your temples and then gather the rest of your hair in the back using a trendy tie made out of glittery fabric, leather or suede.

Whether your a mama bear who has little to no time to spend on herself or a minimalist looking to simplify your beauty routine without letting yourself go completely, the above hairstyle ideas are just what you need.


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