How To Travel With A Pet

It’s family vacation time! And since your pets are members of the family, they’ll of course want to tag along. Wondering how to safely and efficiently travel with a pet? Well, we’ve got the answers. Here is a brief guide to traveling with your precious pet in tow.


Plane Travel.

Rules and restrictions can vary depending on the airline, so make sure you look up pet policies before booking your flight. You’ll also want to ensure you are equipped as a pet owner to safely transport your dog or cat. Some things you’ll need are shot records, registration records and a portable carrier that is big enough to keep your pet comfortably while in flight. Ventilated carriers are best because it can get hot and stuffy in airplane cargo areas. If your dog is small enough, you may be able to bring him or her aboard. Check with the airline prior to making any travel plans.

Travel by Car.

Hitting the road with your cat or dog? Get ready for an adventure! The key to traveling with your pet by vehicle is preparation. First of all, you’ll want to make sure your seats are protected by safeguarding them with a canopy style seat cover. Sudden stops and sharp turning can cause dogs and cats to slide around the backseat, so it’s recommended you also pick up a pet seat belt. As any pet owner can attest to, dogs and cats have a tendency to wander up to the front seat. However, this can be dangerous when road tripping. To prevent your pooch or kitty cat from climbing into the front seat, close it off by installing a removable pet screen.


Now that you know how to travel with a pet, your four-legged friend will never again miss out on those family trips and vacations. Use the above tips, tricks and ideas to get you and your pet safely to your final destination and back.


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